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Introduction: A Minimal Wooden Wall Clock

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This Minimal Wooden Wall Clock is a example of woodworking as well a great piece of home decor item.

This instructable will guide you through very simple, easy and basic way to make this minimalist wall clock. Before that lets see some facts about clocks.


The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, that fulfill the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the usual units, such as the day.

There is a range of duration timers, a well-known example being the hourglass. Water clocks, along with the sundials, are possibly the oldest time-measuring instruments. A major advance occurred with the invention of the verge escapement, which made possible the first mechanical clocks around 1300 in Europe, which kept time with oscillating timekeepers like balance wheels.

Traditionally, in horology (the study of timekeeping), the term clock was used for a striking clock, while a clock that did not strike the hours audibly was called a timepiece.

Clocks have different ways of displaying the time. Analog clocks indicate time with a traditional clock face, with moving hands. Digital clocks display a numeric representation of time.


The primary purpose of a clock is to display the time. Clocks may also have the facility to make a loud alert signal at a specified time.

A clock mechanism may be used to control a device according to time, e.g. a central heating system, a VCR, or a time bomb. Clock mechanisms are also used to drive devices such as solar trackers and astronomical telescopes.


So, go through every steps carefully and learn to make this beautiful wooden wall clock.


Below are the Tools & Materials that I used to make this amazing clock, such are ...


  • Rectangle Wooden piece (11x4x1inch)
  • Plywood (10mm)
  • Window corner wooden beads
  • Clock machine
  • Clock hands
  • AA battery (1.5v)
  • Wood glue
  • Varnish


  • Hacksaw & Mitre saw
  • Drill machine
  • Trimmer/Router
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpapers
  • Files
  • Carving tools
  • Hammer
  • Screws (M3x25)
  • Nails

Step 1: Preparing Wood Piece

Here, we have used an old rectangle wooden piece of size approx. 4inch x 11inch x 1 inch. First we marked the exact size that we are going to need and then cut out the piece accordingly.

Step 2: Preparing Clock Base

Next, we cut out the shapes on both the sides and filed the edges with a bigger file and sand papers to make the surface smooth and even.

Step 3: Carve Out Clock Machine Position

Here, we carve out the exact dimension of our clock machine (i.e. 65x65x20 mm) so that it can tightly fits in there and also it be easily removed whenever needed.

Also, we drilled two holes (5.5 inch apart) in the backside of the base to get it mounted on wall easily with the help of 2 nails.

Step 4: Cutting Clock Circle/Ring

Now as our design, we need to make a ring like structure. For this we used a 10mm plywood board and cut out a circle of size 11inch in diameter with the help of our jigsaw and homemade circle cutter.

The outer diameter is 11inch and the width of the ring is 3/4 inch.

Step 5: Preparing Clock Ring

Next, we removed the top surface of the ply board with carving tools, so that the smooth wooden surface gets visible and have a finished look at the end.

Step 6: Trimming Clock Ring Surface

Then, we trimmed the inner and outer portions of the upper part of our ring so that it gets a smooth round edges also in look-wise.

We filled any holes or dips with some wood dust and then sanded the part.

Step 7: Making 3 Interval Hour Marks

Here, we attached 3 hour interval marks on the clock ring (i.e. 12, 3 & 6 O'clock). For this we used 1.5mm wood slices that we made from window corner beads and rounded the inner side of the marks.

Step 8: Grooving Interval Hour Positions

Next, we marked the exact hour positions and cut out the grooves so that our interval hour marks can easily be fitted on it.

Step 9: Fix Interval Marks

Here we just used wood glue to fix the hour marks on the specific positions.

Step 10: Drill Holes for Fixing Clock Ring

Next, we marked the position of the ring on the base,where it will be attached later on and drilled 2 holes for inserting the screws to fix the clock ring together.

Step 11: Apply Varnish As Coating Agent

Then, we applied some coating agent (varnish) to keep our wood save and have tint look on it. You can use any wood oil instead.

Step 12: Assembly

So, as we have all the pieces ready now, just need to assemble them.

First we installed our clock machine into the cot out position and locked it with the nut.

Then we attached the clock ring and screwed with the base tightly.

Also it can be fixed with wood glue, but we liked to keep it that way so that in future we can remove or change it easily if needed.

Step 13: Installing Clock Hands

Then we installed the clock hands on it. We have two different styles of hands here, but one is very shorter so we decided to move with the other one.

Step 14: Mount to Wall

Lastly, is the time to mount it onto the wall. Here we already made two holes in the back of our base (i.e. 5.5 inch apart). So we have taken the exact distance and hammered 2 nails on the wall.

Now our base gets easily mounted on it.

Step 15: Finished Clock

So, our minimal wooden wall clock is now finished making. Install it in your home and enjoy being watching it. This is very much easy to make as well a very beautiful piece of home decor item.

Any woodworking lover would love to see this.

Lastly, thank you so much for reading the instructable!


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    nice, cool looking clock !!

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    Simplicity defined. What a great project! Nice work.


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    Beautiful design. As simple as can be.


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    It's been an honour sir, thank you!